About Us

Prime Pilates is an authentic Pilates studio in Waco, dedicated to the original Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates. The studio is committed to delivering the best fitness instruction and always addressing our clients’ fitness goals and possible limitations or previous injuries. Our workouts are designed to build strength, control, and flexibility. We are located in the Highland Park Centre just off West Highway 6 using the Sanger exit. We offer private and semi-private Reformer sessions and often include the Allegro 2 Tower and Pilates combo chairs into our sessions.

Our mission is to provide you with a positive movement experience in a nurturing environment. We are excited to offer affordable private and semi private sessions for men and women of all levels and ages. Your instructors have a passion for mind-body exercises and will tailor a fitness program that meets your needs, whether you are recovering from an injury, at the top of your fitness game & anywhere in between.

The beautiful PrimePilates studio offers the newest, top of the line equipment featuring three Balanced Body Allegro2 Reformers, Towers and Combo Chairs.

Guided by your knowledgeable and friendly instructors, you will learn how to breathe and engage your body in new ways that strengthen you from the inside out. Your body will become toned and strong. A strong and flexible body equals longevity and ease when doing all that you love in life! We want YOU to live the life that you love–feeling strong, flexible, pain free, and balanced.

Ashley Warren--studio owner and instructor

Ashley Warren–studio owner and instructor


Stephanie and Ashley --instructors

Stephanie and Ashley –instructors