History & Mission

Our Mission

The Prime Pilates studio is dedicated to providing an impeccable Pilates experience. We accomplish this with highly trained instructors who are passionate about the fitness they are guiding, state of the art equipment, and a studio space that is well equipped, clean, and allows you to feel refreshed and relaxed. We want the entire experience in our studio to be so satisfying that you look forward to coming back. We strive to develop loyalty with our clients and feel the highest compliment is a referral from an existing client.

Pilates is a form of fitness that can truly change your life and give you strength, flexibility, and balance that will have positive benefits in all aspects of your every day existence. Prime Pilates studio seeks to make those benefits more widely available to the Central Texas community.

Our professionalism and passion is paramount amongst our team and is well known throughout the community. We are consistently striving to better ourselves, and empowering our clients to do so, as well.

Our History

The foundation for Prime Pilates started many years ago. Ashley Warren, a Waco native, and the studio’s founder has had the privilege of working with and helping people for many years as an Audiologist and then as a Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator. With a busy full time work schedule and two small children, Ashley admittedly did not find time to fit exercise into her daily or even weekly schedule. One day she realized she wanted to be happier and healthier to enjoy time with her husband and family—both now and looking to the future. She had a pivotal conversation with a good friend and Pilates instructor that in effect began a total transformation. She began Reformer Pilates once a week and immediately felt differently—better! She loved that she could seize an hour away from her work day, sometimes use her lunch hour, get a workout in, and return to work without requiring a shower. That one weekly session quickly turned into a twice a week habit. Ashley really loved the physical work and the mental toughness of the exercises, “You aren’t able to be thinking of the errands or grocery list, or endless to-do’s while you are completely focused on your Pilates form and movements!” Ashley recalls. She is now an avid exercise participant, going to multiple spin classes, Barre classes, and still of course maintaining her Pilates practice on the mat and Reformer.

Because of her true passion for the work and positive benefits of Pilates, Ashley decided to move forward with instructor training and open a studio. She wants others to have the fabulous opportunity to begin a road toward better health, happiness, fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. Prime Pilates, and the compelling vision she has for the studio, exemplify the strong desire she has to give back to the community that she grew up in. She wants to make it possible for the Greater Waco and Central Texas area to have a studio experience similar to a larger metropolitan area, but with a friendly and local team of instructors to guide clients to a physical and mental health that they may never have thought possible!