First visit * What to wear and bring

If you are coming to Prime Pilates for the first time, you might be wondering what to bring or how to dress?

*No shoes are worn for any sessions–you are welcome to participate in bare feet or in sticky or grippy socks.

*You don’t need to worry with bringing a mat, Prime Pilates has plenty of deluxe mats that are provided for you.

*You can bring a bottle of water if you prefer to have it available during your workout.

*You should dress comfortably, but please no running shorts as they don’t provide appropriate coverage for some of the exercise positions. Slightly fitted or body skimming tops are best–this allows the instructor to better visualize your form and muscle engagement and help you get the most from the workout you have selected. You should feel comfortable in what you are wearing, but please no clothing that is too bulky or loose.